Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Etsy Christmas Pop up Shop London

Etsy is many peoples, go to, online store for creative, bespoke, one off gifts and items. When my niece got married in Greece and asked my to style her wedding with her, we bought many beautiful wedding and table decorations from all around the globe on Etsy.

Last year the people behind Etsy launched their first pop up store in New York which was visited by over 20,000 people and this year for three days only they are visiting our shores.

The pop up store will be located in Covent Garden London from 5th December until 7th December and is sure to have everything you could possibly want for unusual and inspiring Christmas gifts.

Here are just a few of my favourite items browsed on their site. These won't necessarily be available on the day but there will be lots to tempt us to part with our pennies, I'm sure?

Im not sure if I love this bear because he's called Kris like Mr B(different spelling but you know?) or I just love him anyway?

My friend Lynsey, a fab, foxy knitter, would love this.

My daughter Amber would love this, all other letters are available.

Perfect for any cooks kitchen and its nautical colours and hand thrown style remind me of the artists of St Ives Cornwall, my favourite coastal town.

Comfy, cosy and stylish, what's not to love? Lots of other colours and styles available.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Supporting Local Libraries "6 Music Celebrates Libraries"

As a lifelong lover and user of my local libraries, I was saddened to hear that the government intend to close 10% of British Libraries in a cost cutting exercise and replace some of the knowledgeable trained staff with volunteers.

Some of my earliest memories are of visiting the local library with my parents, both avid readers, and choosing a book for the week, which I would spend ages doing, carefully taking them down from the shelves and sitting quietly flicking through the pages of each book until it was time to leave. It was my first experience of independance being allowed into the childrens library alone and being able to make my own decision on something.
Later in life, the library at University became my second home, where I would leave with arm fulls of design books under my arms as well as videos for further research on my chosen subject. It was also the place where we could read hard to get and often expensive, design magazines, all for free.

After graduating I gained some work experience at an architects practice in the centre of Manchester, where I was given the task of researching the worlds best libraries in order for the team to pitch for the redesign of a large city library, which they then successfully went onto to win after their brilliant design of the new wing of the cities famous John Rylands Library had been built and so well received.

Manchester's  John Rylands Library which is reminiscent of Hogwarts inside

The new extension by architects Austin Smith Lord, blends the old and new seamlessly.

During that research it became apparent to me just how important a part of the community libraries are. As well as hosting events such as Rhyme time for young parents to take their children and meet other parents and carers, they are also a meeting place for the older community where they can read the daily newspapers for free, have a coffee and a chat and spend time in the company of others. Libraries are also used for hosting events such as craft sales, charity fundraising cake and coffee mornings and talks and presentations by guest speakers. I went a few years ago to our local library in Urmston Manchester, to listen to a talk by professional photographer Kevin Cummins, on his career photographing some of the cities famous musicians such as Morrissey, The Smiths and New Order. The event was small and intimate and more importantly free, so inclusive to all who applied for tickets on a first come first served basis.
My local library in Urmston which is a new build and very well used by all the community.

Getting behind the movement to stop our local libraries being closed is another Manchester musician, Guy Garvey, front man of the band Elbow. It was his brain wave to start "6 Music Celebrates Libraries." For the next two weeks live shows will be broadcast from a series of libraries and 6 music presenters will be choosing a book from which they will then compile a playlist.

For more details on the events and Guy's reasons for wanting to highlight the closures you can read his interview for The Independent here. His show was broadcast last Friday from Manchester's refurbished Central Library, which opened to much acclaim from the residents of Manchester. I went along the week it was reopened and was thrilled to see original parts of the library had been left and juxtaposed with areas that had totally been brought up to date, a fantastic achievement by the designers and architects involved.

Manchester's Central Library after its sensitive restoration.
If you are worried about your local library being under threat of closure, you can start a petition and spread the word on social media. Surprisingly members of staff are not entitled to be able to do this themselves so our help is vital. Of course the best way to avoid closure is by us, the public, continuing to use them.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

New Chalk Paints by Grand Illusions

Back in the 1990's when Mr B and myself bought our first house, there was a company called Grand Illusions, who brought the trend for French shabby chic furniture to our attention for the first time. The painted and distressed furniture, which is now available practically everywhere,was, at that time, something we had only ever seen on our summer trips to France and the beautiful chalky finish was otherwise, unattainable unless you bought an original piece, which was of course very expensive.

Fast forward a couple of decades and everybody it seems is adept at upcycling and transforming old pieces of furniture with a lick of paint and some briwax. Of course the finished product is not only down to the technique but the materials used and I was delighted to find that Grand illusions have relaunched their vintage chalk effect paints, with a new range of 27 colours.

I picked up my copy of their paint chart last week whilst in The Hummingbird in Altrincham Cheshire, who are stockists of Grand Illusions paints. This is a lovely new shop, which is a collaboration of florist and shabby chic gifts and furniture. Both Hummingbird and Vintage Angel were previously at Traders Outlet which I blogged about earlier in the year and they have now joined forces and opened a beautiful new shop together.

You can find your nearest Grand Illusions paint stockists here.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Crafts Council encourage Crafts back into Schools

I was delighted to read today about the Manifesto written by The Crafts Council to encourage UK schools to bring back making and crafts to the school curriculum. The subjects have steadily been on the decline since 2007 and the Manifesto to bring the subjects back, is being backed by, amongst others, Sir Terence Conran, Grayson Perry and Kevin McCloud.

Considering we are world renowned as a nation of crafters and makers since the Arts & Crafts Movement, started by William Morris and John Ruskin, it is surprising that these subjects are no longer encouraged. The Arts and Crafts movement, as we know, grew out of concern for the industrialisation of design and it seems that we appear to be on the cusp of a similar problem, with the effect of design technology threatening to take over a hands on approach? Morris and Ruskin put a great value on the joy of making and the natural beauty of honest materials and I remember myself as a child, with my first efforts of cross stitch at school and being taught to crochet by a neighbour, the immense feeling of pride and achievement you have as a child when you have made something yourself, can not be matched.

As well as spawning some of the giants of the arts and craft world, such as sculptors Dame Barbara Hepworth and Sir Henry Moore, we continue to produce amazing artists and makers, Thomas Heatherwick, Anthony Gormley and Edmund De Waal are just a few.
Henry Moore's work can be viewed in the beautiful surroundings of Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Sculptures by Dame Barbara Hepworth in her former gardens St Ives Cornwall.
If you visit The Tate St Ives you can buy a dual ticket which gives access to Hepworths studio and gardens, truly breathtaking.

Some of the work by British Ceramicist Edmund De Waal

British hand made furniture continues in its demand with design team Pinch, winning awards for their hand crafted pieces and Ercol have risen from the ashes to reinvent some of their iconic designs in new ways for a younger audience.

Lowry cabinet by Pinch

I was really impressed to read that Ercol are one of the sponsors of the young furniture makers competition which as well as entries from University students, have a category for school children.

If you want to read the Manifesto in full, you can do so here and I sincerely hope that their bid to bring back crafts into schools is successful. As a mother of two children, I think we should encourage the next generation to keep up these important skills. Whether they decide to study it as part of their education and make a career out of it or just if it teaches them the virtue of patience, it is an important asset for everyone to have.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Tesco - Stylish Homewares on a Budget

Tesco seem to be in the news at the moment for all the wrong reasons but one area which I think they are winning in is their range of stylish, low budget homewares.

This season particularly they have produced some amazing products, shot beautifully and presented in a fantastic brochure which you can get free with this months issue of House Beautiful. 

The two main trends are a lovely warm and cosy range of products, shot using an autumnal colour palette for the set designs and a bright and breezy, fresh as a summer day, coastal trend, which can transport us to next season.

I'd like to say at this point I'm not normally a Tesco shopper and I haven't been involved in the photography side of these shots, so I have no other reason to post this blog other than to share these lovely images. Now if tesco can improve in all other areas, as much as they have in their home wares, I think their current troubles will be history.

Press shots from the Argyll range

As a part of their coastal trend they have a new range of tableware by Cornwall based chef Rick Stein, which is really stylish and contemporary in its design.

 Two very different looks, both beautiful, which trend is more you?

Monday, 6 October 2014

Getting off The Hamster Wheel of Blogging

Do you ever get that feeling that something has changed but you can't put your finger on it and then weeks or months later it appears that everybody is feeling the same way? It's like dropping a pebble into the water and then watching the ripples get bigger and bigger. It happens to me a lot. I guess it's what we call our gut instinct? A trend or colour you feel drawn to for months, suddenly starts to appear everywhere. Is it instinct or has it been subtly prodding our conscience, around us everywhere, but we just haven't acknowledged it?

I had this feeling about blogging, or rather my blog whilst I was away on holiday and had time to think. I'd been feeling, for ages, that it had become like a second job, a chore even, to constantly be writing blog posts and what had once been a hobby, and something I loved doing in my spare time, had become almost a necessity, a race even to keep up with the constant stream of other bloggers.

It all started when I went to my first bloggers convention earlier in the year. It was my first acknowledgement to myself that I wanted to take this blogging malarkey a bit more seriously and to possibly even make some money out of it. Perhaps I naively thought, I could write contributing articles about design, being an interior designer and interior stylist? I would like to say,firstly, I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and met some lovely and very talented bloggers, who were and still are a complete inspiration, but I also left aware that to gain more traffic to my blog, it was perhaps beneficial to offer readers free gifts, giveaways which could be provided by companies if I endorsed their product. A "If you scratch my back etc" philosophy. However, after doing this a few times, although yes, it did have the desired effect and I did gain slightly more traffic, I was left with a bit of a flat feeling that this wasn't what I really starting blogging for. I will say now for the kind people who have offered free giveaways, I never did fall into the trap and anything I have endorsed in the past has been genuine.

Back in 2011 when I started writing my posts, it was simply a collection of thoughts, ideas and sharings. Anybody that knows me, knows I love to chat and share recommended places of interest, films I've seen, exhibitions I've been to and likewise I love to speak to people about things that they recommend, another great reason for reading so many other blogs? Some of my favourite blogs are just people connecting and sharing knowledge.
It feels at the moment, that that bubble of lets share things and connect, has burst a little and going round the houses a bit, it appears that it is what lots of other bloggers are feeling. I have read several posts just in the last few days all saying the same things.

With all this in mind, I have just read about a new social media site Ello, who are a no advertising site for creative like minded people. There is, it appears, a change in the air regarding the future of blogging and I am excited to watch how that will evolve. Although I applaud the very many talented pioneers of blogging who are now making a handsome living from their skills, there are still many people who just want to blog to let off some pent up creative steam or simply to connect with like minded people and unless you are endorsed or sponsored by a plethora of companies, you seem to get lost in the slipstream.

So with a big sigh of relief, I have decided that my blog posts will be fewer and farther between but I will not stop wittering, it's in my DNA and for everybody who has read my blog, continues to read or would like to read, thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart. It is always lovely to know that when you hit publish, somebody out there is interested enough to read, follow or comment. You can't keep a chatterbox quiet for long!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Designers Home-Petra Boase

This month 91 magazine releases its first printed publication, available as part of the Mollie Makes bookazine, which is available in stores now!

One of the homes featured is that of the retro inspired designer Petra Boase. Her home is full of charm and quirky accessories and has a real mid 20th Century authenticity to it which is sometimes lost with retro inspired design, which can often look like a pastiche of the era. I particularly love the mini scale caravan, kitsch but very cute.